How to Avoid Snow Shoveling Injuries

admin / September 11, 2018

Snow shoveling is an anticipated task for Illinois homeowners. Snow isn’t a stranger in the area and residents know to start preparing for this job early on. However, snow removal bensenville il also causes many injuries every single year, many of which are preventable.  Use the tips here to minimize the risk of enduring snow shoveling injuries.

Warm Up

It might sound strange, but a warm up before snow removal is important. When you warm up, it stretches the muscles out for the intense job of shoveling the snow off the sidewalks, porch, etc.

Drink Water

Even in the dead of winter, you’ll break out in a sweat once you start shoveling the snow. So, make sure to drink plenty of water before and during the job to keep yourself well-hydrated.  Water replenishes the body so when you are well-hydrated, you’ll feel better, too! You may also want to eat a small snack before you begin.

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Don’t Smoke

Smoking restricts the blood flow and cold weather does as well. Make sure to leave the cigarettes, cigars, or other smoking vices in the pack before you smoke so you do not endure any type of breathing difficulties.

Snow Gear

Slips and falls result in broken bones and other injuries. They’re common when shoveling snow.  The risk of a slip and fall injury is minimized when the appropriate snow gear is worn for the job. Wear snow boots and a hat on your head to minimize heat loss.

Call the Pros

The best way to avoid snow shoveling injuries is by hiring a professional. Snow shoveling professionals safely remove the snow from your property while you’re warm and snug inside. There is no risk of an injury and the job is done before your favorite movie is over!

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