Can shredding documents ever be green?

admin / September 11, 2018

You may have wondered if it’s possible to shred your confidential documents and yet be green at the same time. In business, it’s really important to protect your brand and your corporate identity. But sometimes documents simply have to be shredded.

There is a cost to putting documents into a landfill, there is a risk that your security could be compromised and you could give information that would be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.

Document shredding service Boston

We must take document recycling seriously

While it’s really important that secret documents are properly disposed of, it’s equally important that we recycle as much as we can. Every American uses approximately seven trees worth of paper products per year. Document shredding service Boston uses environmentally sound ways of shredding documents but dealing with the waste matter environmentally.

Even at our current recycling rate, we save enough energy to meet the annual requirements of almost 6.5 million homes. This is the equivalent of 50,000,000 tons of greenhouse gases. Recycling literally makes all the difference in the world.

State and Federal requirements

It’s not enough for a company to have a green conscience. These days, state and Federal government require that companies recycle as much as possible. Contacting a shredding service will help you recycle your paper correctly, and also make sure that your company is compliant with government regulations.

The volume of landfill in our country gets worse year-by-year, it’s up to all of us to make sure that we send as little to the landfill sites as we can. Reusing old paper is one of the greenest things we can do. Shredding companies make sure that confidential paper cannot be reconstructed. Your document security is assured but at the same time, you all still saving the environment.

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