About the Journal


Born from the vision of current law students, the Columbia Journal of Tax Law provides a needed forum for academics, practitioners, and policymakers to explore ideas in tax law and policy. Unlike any other tax publication, the Journal aims to bridge the worlds of both theory and practice by targeting scholars, practitioners, and policymakers as its authors and audience.

The Journal will be published twice a year. Each issue will aim to include scholarly articles, shorter pieces on hot-topic policy and practice subjects, and student notes.

Vision for the Journal

The Columbia Journal of Tax Law was founded to address the entire tax audience of scholars, practitioners, and policymakers in a single publication, a need that no other tax periodical currently meets. The Journal seeks to contribute meaningfully to the many pressing tax-related questions of our day. The Journal encourages tax experts to use this forum as a means of addressing cutting-edge tax issues.

Submission Information

The Journal warmly invites submissions from scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students. Authors are encouraged to submit articles in MS Word format through ExpressO, LexOpus, or by email, with their name, email address, and phone number in the message body, to taxjournal-articles@law.columbia.edu. Please see our Submissions page for more detailed information and guidelines.


We welcome any and all inquiries regarding our Journal. Email inquiries, including requests for print copies, may be sent to taxjournal@law.columbia.edu. Please see our Contact page for additional information.